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Globalshowroom Feature Highlights

Layout design:

We have one of the best balances between ease-of-usage and professional presentation, without the use of the same set of templates over and over for all our clients.
Globalshowroom Content Management System:
Our client can easily edit the contents; change any product image and various system settings - immediately on-the-fly.
Globalshowroom (B+OS)「Bulk-Order」 + 「Online Store」:

Globalshowroom Online Store clients are mostly import/export companies and manufacturers. B+OS is actually 2-store-in-1; as it divides into two areas for online store and export bulk-order sections.
(Globalshowroom Online Store can be use for retail order, sample order or bulk (lot) order.)

Price customization : Product price can change instantly.

World-wide shipping customization:
* Globalshowroom exclusive design shipping model for worldwide trade.

Unique intelligence shipping cost calculation

* Client can customize the product gross weight, which can then apply it with one (or more) of the built-in shipping rate models (air mail, DHL, FedEx, UPS, SpeedPost). It can be tailor-made for buyer from different country, and yet maintain the most accurate shipping rate.

* Ideal for shipping goods world-wide.

Globalshowroom shipping cost calculation

Total shipping cost = Shipping location → Choice of shipping courier → Gross weight of actual product sold

Globalshowroom cost calculation is based on price model of different courier. Calculate is based on these three parameters: 1) item gross weight + 2) shipping location + 3) courier chosen. This will ensure the most accurate shipping cost calculation. User need not to reset every time for each transaction.

* There is a significant shipping cost variation among different countries. A flat rate shipping model will only lessen your competitive edge on pricing your product for sale via the online store.
Product combination:
Individual product can be configure with different accessories or add-ons as a combo.

Multi-currency ready:
Automatically conversion to different currency. (EUR, GBP, USD, JPY, AUD, CAD, HKD)

Membership discount:
Special discount can be configure upon member login.

Insurance calculation:
Insurance rate can be customize if needed.

Different tax rate can be configure for different country.

Invoice can be send along with courier tracking information via system.
Invoice in MS Excel format: editable, printable and can be sent via email.
Buyers define shipping courier:
Buyers can define their own shipping courier and number.
Customized payment method:
System can be config with PayPal, credit card, cheque, deposit in bank, T.T., etc.
Purchase notification:
System automatically send notification for purchase.
Product combination:
Individual product can be configure with different accessories or add-ons as a combo.
HTML Editor:
The built-in Globalshowroom HTML editor allows advance client to customize color and style in way of coding, as well as external linkage to other web site.
Internal search engine:
Keyword set for easy searching of relevant information.
Product Catalogue:
Our client has access of unlimited sub-catalogue level to accommodate different company needs. Changes can be done with drag-and-drop feature with ease. It is as similar to use as Microsoft Outlook. Our client-side multi-level navigation menu makes it very clear to manage all element of the web site.
Add new product item:
Upload product image to relevant folder directory, which will then automatically lead you to fill out product detail information.
Uploading files and images:
All files and images are stored in 'Media Library', which then can be use on any page within the web site.
Image size:
Image can be resized by typing in pixel of the width of the image.

Multilanguage: Globalshowroom can support English, Tradition Chinese, Simple Chinese and others.
Related image:
Designated image is where to put logo, certificate and diagram which can be use to assist explaining product specification and any other relevant information.
Related product:
Relationship and combination can be established between any product items, so that buyer can easily find out other product line in the relevant series.
Member area:
Our system provides password protection for confidential information, as well as subdivides sections for multiple member level control to have access of different pages of the web site.
3D Flash product showcase:
All client need to prepare is a series of product photos. The 3D Flash controller can then display product in different angle by using the mouse cursor. 3rd party software is not required.
Member registration:
Buyer can register as member in order to view section that is privileges to VIP member only - with access to special discounted item or information only for frequent buyer, etc. Notification will be immediately send to client specific email address for verification.
Forgotten passwords:
In case of lost password, verification will be send automatically to registered member designated email address.
User log:
User log can track user every step of which page they have viewed by user IP address.
Newsletter message:
Any pages within the web site can be use to generate e-newsletter to send specific target information to any member group. A log is kept to track whether the e-newsletter has been viewed, or if the reader has click on any link to check on specific product detail.
RFQ (Request for Quotation):
RFQ system can be set up to send preset quotations to buyer who have requested further detail information.
We care, excel, and innovate.
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