Mimics Windows-Based Application

To simplify daily operation, we have been putting much effort to integrate similarity of Windows-based features into our web-based website CMS application.

Mimics MS Excel

Our clients can now be very easily manage their product items by using our Grid Editing feature, which is something like MS Excel.

Globalshowroom Responsive Design Website

Globalshowroom Responsive Design Website toggles the layout to fit on different size of browsers from desktop PCs to tablets to mobile devices.

DIY RWD Wrappings

No matter how many sets of sliders are needed, where do you wanna put them? how do you wanna decorate your website content, text, image, YouTube videos? With our ready-made DIY RWD Wrappings, those just easily work, you will be able to create and manage them by yourselves via the GM Admin CTRL-Panel at any time.

Website Security

Integrate your website with Godaddy's SSL certificates, make sure your customers feel safe, and Boosts your site’s Google ranking.

We Design, We Setup, We Host

We're not a hosting company, but a developer, especially focusing on the development of website CMS application.
Almost 20 years on, we keep our forward-thinking, striving for the best technology solution to stay ahead of the game, and most importantly, to bring the most comprehensive service cater specifically for our clients to enhance their competitive edge.